Wednesday Dec 13, 2017
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Welcome to Horsetrade!
Horses for Sale and lots more... Horsetrade is an easy to use online market place for you to buy or sell horses and advertise equipment and services throughout Australia.

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Horses for sale - Buying or selling a horse? You've come to the right place. At Horsetrade we have lots more than just horses for sale, we also list a lot of horse related equipment and services. You are welcome to advertise your horse, equipment, feed, agistment and services. Promote your Horse Club or event at no cost. Just register on the Manage my Ad page and follow the easy instructions to add your own listing.

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Horsetrade is a website where you can buy or sell:
Horses, ponies, performance horses, show horses, miniatures, quarter horses, thoroughbreds, warmbloods, Arabian, draft, appaloosa, palomino and more. Buy or advertise and sell your unwanted saddles, horse floats or riding gear. You can find or advertise horse agistment, horse riding instructors (dressage, western, showjumping, eventing and showing). Also listed are feed barns, clubs and services for riding apparel, horse healthcare, farrier, vet, horse chiropractor, dental, clippers and you can add you own services or contact us to advertise with a banner at the top of each page.

Horsetrade serves all states of Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania, ACT and Western Australia. The built in search functions make it easy to find events and clinics in your area or stallions at stud. You are welcome to advertise your event or clinic on the horse trade website. If you want to buy or sell a horse or pony or a horse truck or float then you have come to the right place!

Horsetrade was set up to assist with all equestrian needs. If you're looking to buy a horse or to sell a horse or for any aspect of horse care then we can help. You can search for locality and a price range for dressage horses, showjumpers, eventing horses, show ponies or a "bomb proof" trail horse - we have them all...







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